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Moon Garden


Hydrangea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moon gardens have been around for a long time, but only recently  have recaptured the attention of gardeners. This garden is special in that it generally only has white flowers and tree blooms. The idea being, that under the moon it will reflect light looking romantic and mysterious.

It is best to create a small to mid-size moon garden as it can be visually overwhelming. Plant a variety of white flowering plants that come into bloom at various times of the year and keep in mind plants that will give off a scent in the evening. It is appropriate to put in silvery leaved plants and some contrasting green foliage.

Make sure to put the garden where it can get full moon light, or put in some low lighting. Add a special place to sit and you are ready to enjoy this very unusual and special garden.

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Another blog on WordPress has some beautiful pictures of flowers. They were taken in Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. They made me smile. I can’t wait to see flowers where I live, just a few more months.

Cornus Kousa flowers. Photo taken by me, May 2...

Cornus Kousa flowers. Longwood Gardens. (Photo Wikipedia)

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