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What story does this picture conjure up?

Write about riding on a ferris wheel, or write about your favorite amusement ride.

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Imagine a story based on this picture.

Write about a date at the movies, or the best/ worst movie experience you ever had.

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Create a story based on this picture.

Write about the hat that came in this box.

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What memories does this picture bring?

Write about, or imagine, an old fashioned July 4th celebration.

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What does this picture make you think about?

Write about driving in the snow? Or, how you felt as a child, as opposed to being an adult, about snow.

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Let your imagination soar.

Write a story about finding military trucks on the streets of your city/ town?

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Imagine a scenario based on this picture.

Write a story that includes daisies. Or, write a memory of daisies as a child.

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A new book is out entitled Son of Venice, a companion/ sequel to Daughter of Xanadu by Dori Yang Jones. If you like historical fiction, adventure, and strong women, or if you are fascinated by Asia and the Silk Road you need to check out these books.








Dori Jones Yang is well qualified to write about Asia as she spent eight years in China working as a journalist. She’s been to Mongolia and traveled part of the Silk Road. Not to mention she speaks Chinese and has done much research on her topics.

I too am a history buff and have been intrigued by all things Asian. I think it started when I read Imperial Woman by Pearl Buck as a young girl. Pearl Buck was like Dori, a woman who spent time in China and came to love it.

English: Pearl Buck, Pulitzer Prize-winning Am...

Pearl Buck, Pulitzer Prize-winning American author (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Imperial Woman (Buck, Pearl S. ...

Cover via Amazon













Asia’s long history and various cultures offer so many opportunities for great stories (not to mention movies). If you too love history and historical fiction, look for a little known event, or an epic one, somewhere in time and conjure up a story there.




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The visual picture prompts I post have been very popular. Obviously, you can find pictures online in many different places, but one of my favorites is the BBC World News. I’m not British, but I read their news every morning. Sometimes I find things there before they break here. Also, they have a much wider spectrum of news, not just an American focus.

Deutsch: Logo des Fernsehsenders BBC World News.

BBC World News (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The also publish a section entitled News – In Pictures. Readers send in photos they’ve taken all over the world along with their own news staff. These pictures are beautiful, but also fascinating and human oriented. They definitely prove the adage a picture can be worth a thousand words.

Many of these photos make great visual prompts. Check out the site and see if any inspire you. There are lots to choose from and change every day or week.

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Write a story based on this picture.

Write a story about someone who does not follow warning signs. Or, write about two people arguing over the issue of swimming.

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