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Imagine a story.

Or, what is this dog thinking about the snow?

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Let your imagination soar.

Or, what are these birds doing in a blue tree? Or, why is this tree blue?

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What story does this picture conjure up?

Or, write about buying a used car.

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What does this picture inspire you to write?

What comes to mind when you happen upon this sculpture? Create a story.

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What does this picture inspire you to write?

Or, write about riding ferry for fun, or what it is like to ride one everyday to work?

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What does this picture make you think about?

Or, what bouquet would you select for yourself and why? Pick one for someone else, who and why?

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Writing is a Journey

Writing is something that can possess you and that can be good or bad. Sometimes I take it too seriously and I end up blocked. Other times I relax about my writing and it seems to flow.

The long and winding road

The long and winding road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one point when I was worrying about my writing my daughter, who is a poet, told me to relax. She said these very wise words, “writing is a journey.” Those words stuck with me and I think of them often. It is such a wonderful way to think about what it is we are doing.

A journey takes time, you may think you know where you’re headed, but sometimes you end up somewhere else. It’s OK to stop along the way and tarry awhile, to meet new people and have new experiences.

If you think about writing as a journey it takes some pressure off. If you enjoy what comes along the way, then it’s not just about a destination. It’s possible to enjoy the process.

So, when you are feeling stressed about writing, or worried you’re not getting to publication fast enough, go for a walk. Think about your writing journey and all the good things that have come your way because you do write. Take a deep breath and realize you might be at this stop for a while, but in good time you will be moving on.

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